ANDRÉ CUNHA has traveled for some years in search of an image that represents the human. Not only in its wide diversity but also through the most unusual vision, a graphic proposal where its aesthetic verve harmonically approaches the poetics, a conciliation destined to few, but more to those who get up in the first walks.

His work, imbued with dense tones and filled with chiaroscuro, shows a clear ability of the individual to transcend his circumstances, alternatives expressed on the faces of his models, men, women and children, the possibility of adapting to different ways of life, as well as the exercise of individuality. This is a rare option in a pasteurized world overrepresented by more contemporary photography.

In his photographic essays, ANDRÉ CUNHA demonstrates a belief in the human spirit and humanity’s ability to rise above its contradictions. With striking images, revealed by the striking influence of more historical painting, the photographer expresses an authorial work revealing an elaborate aesthetic memory, where the light explored cleverly brings the transcendence of his characters.

Photographer and characters are translated into striking images in a dialogical way, a philosophical approach that arises both from an empirical relationship in obtaining the graphic spectrum used by him, and in the execution of his precise illumination, at which time the composition and the content are revealed in rare harmony, what results in an attractive photographic image, loaded with strength and vitality.

Juan Esteves
Photographer, Critic and Curator

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